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Maataso 1m ø50mm 18x18 levy Yhteesopiva 438L15 kanssa



A series of accessories to fix the mast of a TV or SAT antenna to the wall or to ground.
The wall brackets are fixed by 2 dowels and differ from each other for the thickness of the plate, the hot or electro galvanizing and the length determining the mounting stand-off of the mast from the wall. The ground supports are plates endowed with clamp for the mast attack fixed to the ground.

code 642
description Groundstand with 4-hole (ø 12 mm) 18 x 18 cm plate (thickness 3 mm) and 1 mt mast (thickness 1,5 mm) welded on the plate.
Ø mast 50 mm
finish ZB
packing 1
use Suitable for fixing of masts for small diameter dishes, with anchor-bolts FVTC11, FVTC14, FVTC8 and FVTC1.


Toimittajan toimitusaika:3-4 viikkoa

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Nimi Maataso 1m ø50mm 18x18 levy Yhteesopiva 438L15 kanssa
Tuotenumero 642
Toimittajan toimitusaika 3-4 viikkoa
Yksikkö KPL
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Paino 2.42
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