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Antennin kiinnike ø40mm galvan. seinästä 460 mm



These products are studied for the wall fixing of parabolic dishes. Composed of a bent tube welded on a plate with drills (round or square), they are offered in various versions differing for kind of plate and tube. Some of these items are hot galvanized (ZF), whereas the others are finished with electro-galvanizing (ZB). Thanks to their clamps, some of these supports can also be fixed on the mast. For the wall fixing of the support it is recommended to use the anchor-bolts described on page "Anchor-bolts for bracket and mount fixing".

code 80099S
description Bent tube welded on rectangular plate 15x20 cm, thickness 4 mm with holes Ø 12 mm.
40 mm
length A + B 46 + 27 cm
thickness 1.4 mm
packing 3
use Suitable for the wall fixing of small and medium diameter dishes, with anchor-bolts code FVTC11 and FVTC14.


Toimittajan toimitusaika:3-4 viikkoa

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Nimi Antennin kiinnike ø40mm galvan. seinästä 460 mm
Tuotenumero 80099S
EAN -koodi 8013679009917
Toimittajan toimitusaika 3-4 viikkoa
Tukkupakkaus 3
Yksikkö KPL
Pienin toimituserä 1
Tuotemerkki Emme Esse
Paino 2.1
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